Recent Work-Street Walking

Recent Work-Street Walking 7/1/2024

As the weather has turned warmer, I've resumed a longstanding interest in taking spontaneous images from public spaces-almost all from the street. Attached are a handful of hundreds that I've taken. This collection could be called either "Within a Mile of Home" or "No One that I Know".

Recent Work-Cafe du Monde

Recent Work-Cafe du Monde 6/1/2024

Early in the morning, there is always something happening (besides cafe au lait and beignets) in or near the Cafe du Monde at the Mississippi edge of New Orlean's French Quarter, Here are some recent  selected examples.

Recent Work-Some of the South

Recent Work-Some of the South 5/1/2024

Here are a few images from a very pleasant meandering drive through parts of Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. Some great scenes, nice people and wonderful food.

Recent Work-Costa Rica Places and Things

Recent Work-Costa Rica Places and Things 4/1/2024

Here's a look at the spectrum of sites and members of the animal kingdom that occupy them in Costa Rica.

Recent Work-Costa Rica, the People

Recent Work-Costa Rica, the People 3/1/24

If you are looking for a change of pace with some restful beach time, great tropical forests/jungles, nice people and delicious seafood, try Costa Rica. Here are a few individuals you may encounter.

Recent Work-Medicine Creek Winter

Recent Work-Medicine Creek Winter 2/1/2024

It's been consistently below zero DF at night at our Medicine Creek Farm that results in the formation of some interesting ice patterns along the creek edge. With blue skies and late afternoon light, you can find some unique natural "ice sculptures." Here are a few.

Recent Work-Ice

Recent Work-Ice 1/1/2024

Here are some images involving local small lake ice.

Recent Work-Washington Park

Recent Work-Washington Park 12/1/2023

Denver has some terrific city parks. Among the very best is the 160 acre Washington Park in the heart of the city. Two lakes, a pond, hundreds of oak trees, a 2.2 mile loop for running and cycling, and a bowling green along with an excellent recreational center with a pool. Here are a handful of Washington Park images taken over a two week period during mid-November, 2023. Enjoy!

Recent Work-West Virginia

Recent Work-West Virginia 11/1/2023

If you enjoy a pleasant rolling landscape with interesting small towns and country stores along with vibrant colors, visit West Virginia in mid-October. Here are some views.

Recent Work-Rain

Recent Work-Rain 10/1/2023

Last month we  featured some water images-continuing the genre, now we have rain.

Recent Work-Water

Recent Work-Water 9/1/2023

It has been a blazing hot summer. Here are a variety of water images, hopefully to cool things down.

Recent Work-Water Lilies

Recent Work-Water Lilies 8/1/2023

Mid-summer usually finds the water lilies at their best. Here are some examples selected from many that I have found. Enjoy!

Recent Work-Trees

Recent Work-Trees 7/1/2023

Medicine Creek Farm in Frontier County, Nebraska  contains a large riparian area with plenty of trees. Here are some early morning 'Tree Views" from the past month.

Recent Work-Iceland

Recent Work-Iceland 6/1/2023

It is always nice to visit somewhere you have never been previously. Despite raging winds, daily rain, frequent fog and chilly temperatures, Iceland was a great adventure with magnificent natural beauty at every turn. Also, inclement weather = good photo ops!

Recent Work-Denver Botanic Gardens

Recent Work-Denver Botanic Gardens 4/1/2023

I always find some "color" upon visiting the enclosed spaces at the Denver Botanic Gardens. I am particularly fond of the wonderful palm trees. Here's a peek at what you can find.

Recent Work-Hawaii

Recent Work-Hawaii 3/1/2023

It's been a long and colder-than-usual winter in Denver. Several days in Hawaii is an effective anti-dote. Here are some different images from two of the islands.

Recent Work-Photographic Pot Pourri

Recent Work-Photographic Pot Pourri 2/1/2023

Here's a mixture of some recent images.

Recent Work-Ferrell Lake Ice

Recent Work-Ferrell Lake Ice 1/1/2023

A December cold snap has left the lakes in Denver's city parks frozen. You can see some interesting geometric patterns when looking at the ice from above. Here are some images from City Park's Ferrell Lake.

Recent Work-Abstractions

Recent Work-Abstractions 12/1/2022

Here are some diverse abstractions for your consideration.

Recent Work-Few Days in NYC

Recent Work-Few Days in NYC 11/1/2022

Want to get out of your routine? Try a few days in NYC-guaranteed to work! Here are some views.

Recent Work-Lumens

Recent Work-Lumens 10/1/2022

Going back to the earliest days of photography by creating unique, one-of-a-kind-images  without a camera is an enjoyable diversion. Here are several cameraless images made only with vintage, unexposed black and white photographic paper, a subject placed directly on the paper and ambient light-usually sunlight.

Recent Work-Medicine Creek Farm Fog

Recent Work-Medicine Creek Farm Fog 9/1/2023

Fog is a wonderful condition for photography. It creates a special mood and the opportunity for separation of various elements in the image. Here are some images from Medicine Creek Farm on foggy mornings.

Recent Work-Art from France  (done about 16,000 years apart)

Recent Work-Art from France (done about 16,000 years apart) 8/1/2022

There are a lot of unique and wonderful things to appreciate in France and artistic endeavors are among them. Here are 6 images from France. The first 3 are found in the Lascaux cave in southwest France and, as best as can be determined, were done about 16,000 years ago. The cave has been closed to the public since 1963 to preserve the images. The stunning images were done with the same tools and pigments as the originals. The second 3 images are magnificent sculptures by Auguste Rodin done about 100-125 years ago.

Recent Work-Southwest France

Recent Work-Southwest France 7/1/2022

It's always pleasant to visit France. Great scenery, wonderful food, diversity and amazing art. Here are a few recent views from southwest France. Enjoy.

Recent Work-Paris in the Spring

Recent Work-Paris in the Spring 6/1/2022

Paris is always nice-especially so in the Spring! Lots of sights/scenes, great food, wonderful art, diversity, enjoyable walks. Here are a few random images taken in Paris a few says ago.

Recent Work-Grids

Recent Work-Grids 5/1/2022

Here are eight "grids" created using a nontraditional, cameraless image-making process. The images are  termed chemigrams. For more information, see: https://nonfigurativephoto.blo...

Recent Work-Early Spring Along Medicine Creek

Recent Work-Early Spring Along Medicine Creek 4/1/2022

After a long, bitter cold winter, the area next to Medicine Creek slowly wakens. With no irrigation, the water table rises and of lots of small pools of water appear along the banks of the creek. These pools are rich with organic life-have a look!

Recent Work-Black and White Abstracts

Recent Work-Black and White Abstracts 3/1/2022

Here are some abstracts created using vintage black and white photographic paper. I sequentially placed developer and fixer on the paper by dipping, dunking, dripping etc  then bending, tilting etc the paper until it looked like a completed design. No brushes or implements of any kind-all freehand.

Recent Work-Winter in Yellowstone Revisited

Recent Work-Winter in Yellowstone Revisited 2/1/2022

We first visited Yellowstone in mid-winter 6 years ago. It was wonderful. On this visit, the thermometer hit 17 degrees F below zero but it was still a unique and invigorating experience. Here are a few images.

Recent Work-Chemigrams

Recent Work-Chemigrams 1/1/2022

Covid and the weather have combined to stimulate me to try some new things-in this case chemigrams. These are created using outdated black and white photographic paper. You can place photographic developer, fixer, activator and stabilizer, alone and in various combinations, sequentially on the paper (bathe, drip, splatter etc). You can also first place on the paper either a soft restraint (something such as apple stroop that will slowly dissolve) or a hard restraint (something such as a clear varnish that dissolves slowly or only partially) as the paper with the restraint is sequentially bathed in fixer then developer. Here are two examples of each process.

Recent Work-A Few Days in NYC

Recent Work-A Few Days in NYC 11/1/2021

It's always a good time to visit NYC-especially in the Spring and Fall. Here are a few NYC views from mid-October, 2021.

Recent Work-Cameraless Photography

Recent Work-Cameraless Photography 10/1/2021

During the pandemic I've taken advantage of diminished travel and traditional photographic opportunities to explore some nontraditional/alternative ways of making images. Find here a series of lumen prints. It's hard to imagine that these  images originate from outdated black and white photographic paper. The flora was placed on the paper and exposed to ambient light outdoors for various times . No camera involved.

Recent Work-Summer's End at Medicine Creek Farm

Recent Work-Summer's End at Medicine Creek Farm 9/1/2021

August sees hot and humid days, crops ripening and every where you look, it's county fair time! Here are a few images from August. Enjoy.

Recent Work-More Color

Recent Work-More Color 8/1/2021

It's been five years since I've posted a "color" news segment. Here are some diverse color images from nature and the manmade world.

Recent Work-4th of July

Recent Work-4th of July 7/4/2021

Here are some 4th of July images from south central Nebraska. The fog/sunrise images from a small farm, the fireworks images from Stockdale (population 63) after the village's pot-luck community dinner.

Recent Work-Springtime

Recent Work-Springtime 6/1/2021

Lots of rain and mild temperatures have left the trees, greenery and flowers looking great. Here are a few examples.

Recent Work-Shapes in Black and White

Recent Work-Shapes in Black and White 5/1/2021

Here are a few "abstract" shapes in black and white. A special prize for anyone who correctly identifies the site of the original image from which one of the abstracts originates.

Recent Work-Ice on Medicine Creek

Recent Work-Ice on Medicine Creek 4/1/2021

Medicine Creek is a small, year-round creek that meanders through our farm in south central Nebraska. There is always something to be seen when walking along the banks of the creek. Here are selected images of ice patterns seen along the edges of the creek this past winter.

Recent Work-Recollections of Old Girlfriends

Recent Work-Recollections of Old Girlfriends 3/1/2021

Here's going back over several decades. Taking great license with some recollections of old girlfriends-fond memories!

Recent Work-Photographic Pot Pourri

Recent Work-Photographic Pot Pourri 2/1/2021

Here's a little bit of everything found in the archives. Different subjects from nine different locales.

Recent Work-Medicine Creek Views from 2020

Recent Work-Medicine Creek Views from 2020 1/1/2021

Here are some views of Medicine Creek Farm taken throughout 2020.

Recent Work-Fog

Recent Work-Fog 12/1/2020

Bad weather usually means the opportunity for good photography. My favorite weather condition for photography is fog. Fog separates the elements you are photographing and can result in some ethereal images. Here are a few examples.

Recent Work-Harvest Time

Recent Work-Harvest Time 11/1/2020

Come October, it's time for harvesting the fields and garden. Here are some selected images of fall activities on a small farm in Nebraska.

Recent Work-Fall Foliage

Recent Work-Fall Foliage 10/1/2020

Shortening days and cool, crisp nights foretell of some beautiful fall foliage that can be observed. Here are a few of my favorite fall foliage images from over the years.

Recent Work-Summertime in the Heartland

Recent Work-Summertime in the Heartland 9/1/2020

Outside, it's hot and humid but the garden is amazing. Inside, it's time for homegrown cold and juicy watermelon and homemade ice cream while relaxing in the cooling evening! Here are a few views from south central Nebraska farm land.

Recent Work-Silverton

Recent Work-Silverton 8/1/2020

If it is hot and humid where you are, consider visiting Silverton (elevation 9,300 feet) in the southwestern Colorado Rockies. This once booming silver and gold mining site is now the home to about 500 year rounders and focuses on tourism. 

Recent Work-Rhino Revisited

Recent Work-Rhino Revisited 7/1/2020

For some colorful, creative and diverse street art, the alley between Walnut and Larimer in Denver's Rhino District is hard to beat. It's worth a look. Here are a few examples.

Recent Work-Covid 2020

Recent Work-Covid 2020 6/1/2020

Covid has been foremost on everyone's mind for several weeks. As we slowly and safely re-adjust to more normal patterns, here are some brief reminders, in photographic collage form, of what the pandemic looks like in Denver. Stay safe, be well, think positive.

Memorial Day 2020

Memorial Day 2020 5/25/2020

Here are three images from our nation's capitol to help us remember.

Recent Work-Words From the Street

Recent Work-Words From the Street 5/1/2020

In this stressful pandemic time, here are some messages/words found on the streets-some lighthearted, others more thoughtful.

Recent Work-Bodie

Recent Work-Bodie 4/1/2020

There are some striking views when looking through the windows of this well-preserved 1800's mining boomtown, now a State of California Historic park. The interiors look now just as they did when the last residents moved out in the 1940's turning Bodie into a ghost town. Get an appreciation for what life was like in this small eastern sierra mining town 80 years ago!

Recent Work-The Wall at Houston and Bowery

Recent Work-The Wall at Houston and Bowery 3/1/2020

Having lived for a few years in NYC, I'm biased but I believe that the city has some great street art. One place that always delivers is the wall at the intersection of Houston and Bowery. Accomplished street artists have been posting on this large (about 30 feet high and a third of a block long) wall off and on since Keith Haring in 1982. Here are 11 examples,  accumulated over a few years, of what can be seen. Sorry, I couldn't track down the artist(s) for all of them.

Recent Work-National Western

Recent Work-National Western 2/1/2020

Every January since 1906, the National Western Stock Show is held in Denver. It's 16 remarkable  days of sights and sounds. Attached are some images to give you a flavor of what can be seen. The event kicks off with a "parade" from Union Station up 17th street to Tremont Place in the heart of downtown Denver. The stars of the parade are the longhorns.

Recent Work-A Year at Medicine Creek Farm

Recent Work-A Year at Medicine Creek Farm 1/01/2020

Here are some selected views from 12 months at a small farm in south central Nebraska. Medicine Creek runs through the center of the property bisecting woods and riparian areas. Lots of turkeys, white tail and mule deer along with beaver, coyotes, badgers, rabbits, eagles and assorted other wildlife.

Recent Work-A Few Days in NYC

Recent Work-A Few Days in NYC 12/1/2019

Want some new and interesting experiences? I never tire of re-visiting NYC. You can always find some novel things to see and do. Here are some examples from meandering around.

Recent Work-Colorado October

Recent Work-Colorado October 11/1/2019

Colorado's magnificent aspen forests are at their glorious peak in terms of fall color about the first week of October. Cooler temperatures, , fresh clean air and wonderful vistas can be experienced along Kebler Pass, Dallas Divide and many others locales. Here are some examples.

Recent Work-Auctions

Recent Work-Auctions 10/1/2019

Auctions are commonplace in the rural midwest. There are several each weekend. They are held at county fair buildings, homes, farms and other venues. Offerings range from a single wrench to vehicles and tractors. Quite an assembly of characters frequent these happenings. Here are some examples.

Recent Work-Window Shopping

Recent Work-Window Shopping 9/1/2019

Here are some street view of window "goods." Enjoy.

Recent Work-Whitman Road

Recent Work-Whitman Road 8/1/2019

If you are looking for solitude, unconventional beauty and a unique landscape, Whitman Road is a place to try. This one-lane oil strip bisects the heart of the Nebraska Sandhills and is perhaps my favorite drive within the US. This is cattle country with sparse populations and a few scattered towns. You may run across one of the few local residents. I've always found them to be curious about what you are up to as well as friendly and helpful.

Recent Work-San Francisco

Recent Work-San Francisco 7/1/2019

Here are some images from walking selected streets of San Francisco. Some from out-of the-way places. Enjoy the views.

Memorial Day at Fort McPherson

Memorial Day at Fort McPherson 5/27/2019

Here's a Memorial Day image from Fort McPherson near Maxwell, NE. A time to remember.

Recent Work-Water

Recent Work-Water 6/1/2019

Here is a small collection of some peaceful views of water.

Recent Work-AIR: A New York City Wheat Paste Campaign

Recent Work-AIR: A New York City Wheat Paste Campaign 5/1/2019

Roaming the streets of Manhattan gave me a lot of opportunity to witness several wheat paste campaigns. Many of these campaigns were creative and thoughtful. Here's one of the best-"Air." Artist unknown but widely attributed to Katsu.

Notre Dame-Top of the Spire

Notre Dame-Top of the Spire 4/16/2019

Here is an image of the very top of the now lost spire of Notre Dame taken in 2017.

Recent Work-Bomb Cyclone's Ice Patterns

Recent Work-Bomb Cyclone's Ice Patterns 4/1/2019

Mid-March was associated with some frigid weather, the "Bomb Cyclone" blizzard and flooding in Nebraska. Fortunately, at our farm in south central Nebraska, the only consequence was the appearance of a new 2 acre lake as Medicine Creek overflowed its banks. Here are some images of the frozen surfaces of Medicine Creek and its overflow into the marshes on the farm.

Recent Work-The Streets of New York

Recent Work-The Streets of New York 3/1/2019

New York is a great place for impromptu street photography. Here are some examples.

Recent Work-Quiz Time-what and/or where?

Recent Work-Quiz Time-what and/or where? 2/1/2019

Here are twelve images. If you can correctly guess where one (or more) of  these images was taken, I'll send you a nice print. Some may be easy, others difficult. Send any guesses to me at: [email protected].

Recent Work-NYC in B&W

Recent Work-NYC in B&W 1/1/2019

What better way to start the New Year than to re-visit NYC. Here are some recent B&W images of a great place.

Recent Work-Photoimpressionism

Recent Work-Photoimpressionism 12/1/2018

I like to fiddle with the camera with the idea of making some non-representational images. Here are the results of some of my "fiddling." Wide open lens and purposely de-focused to give a " Dreamscape" image of commonly encountered scenes/things.

Recent Work-DC

Recent Work-DC 11/1/2018

It is always a thrill to visit Washington, DC. So much to see and re-see-fabulous museums and galleries, great food and a real sense of history-especially important in these tumulteous times. Here are a few views.

Call for submissions-Small Works-to Robert Anderson Gallery 10/23/2018

In conjunction with Denver's 2019 Month of Photograph, the Robert Anderson Gallery will host an international juried exhibit and competition for works of photography that do not exceed 14 inches in longest dimension. For more onformation, see:

Recent Work-Miami Beach

Recent Work-Miami Beach 10/1/2018

There's a lot of relaxing to be done at Miami Beach. As the weather turns cooler and the leaves begin to change, here are some Miami Beach memories.

Recent Work-Peeking Inside

Recent Work-Peeking Inside 9/1/2018

Find here several images taken on neighborhood or countryside walks. All are done under existing light conditions using an inexpensive, hand held camera.

Recent Work-Geometry and Patterns

Recent Work-Geometry and Patterns 8/1/2018

Here are some figures constructed from photographs that I've taken of shadows and lines. Too much time on my hands?

Recent Work-ATMs

Recent Work-ATMs 7/1/2018

For fast cash, the ubiquitous ATM usually saves the day. These devices are often placed in a safe, well-lit, somewhat secure environment. Here are some ATMs in NYC where you can find one almost anywhere.

Recent Work-Snippets of Color

Recent Work-Snippets of Color 6/1/2018

In the mornings of late spring and early summer, it's quiet and the vegetation is fresh. It's a great time for walking and the color palette, sizes, shapes and textures that you encounter on each block are amazing. Here are a few examples within a couple of blocks of home.

Recent Work-Looking Up in Manhattan

Recent Work-Looking Up in Manhattan 5/1/2018

Here are some images above street level in Manhattan. There's a lot to see at both street level and above.

Recent Work-Black and White Pot Pourri and a few others

Recent Work-Black and White Pot Pourri and a few others 04/1/2018

Here's a mixture of black and white images- and a couple of wild cards-enjoy.

Recent Work-Constructions

Recent Work-Constructions 3/1/2018

Just as the darkroom provides  black and white photographers with many opportunities to enhance their images, a variety of digital techniques also allow enhancement of photographs. Here are twleve images varying with regard to subject matter. The degree of  digital enhancement ranges from minimal to extensive. Can you tell them apart?

Recent Work-After Dark

Recent Work-After Dark 2/1/2018

Under low light conditions, the colors, lights and reflections of America's  urban scenes come to life. Here are some examples.

Recent Work-Boxcars

Recent Work-Boxcars 1/1/2018

There are a lot of trains traversing the Great Plains. On many of the boxcars you can find some form of "art." Here are some photographs, taken from larger scenes, of boxcar art.

Recent Work-Medicine Creek

Recent Work-Medicine Creek 12/1/2017

Here are some recent black and white images taken on a small farm in south central Nebraska. Medicine Creek runs through the middle of the property. It's a relaxing place with woods, wetlands, pastures, wild turkey and plenty of mule and white tail deer.

Recent Work-Upper Peninsula

Recent Work-Upper Peninsula 11/1/2017

Parts of eastern Wisconsin near the Lake Superior shoreline and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan can offer some great early October scenes. Attached find a few.

Recent Work-Photographic Collage and Montage

Recent Work-Photographic Collage and Montage 10/1/2017

Here are several stitched together photographic collages/montages/composites. Hope you enjoy them.

Recent Work-The Heartland

Recent Work-The Heartland 09/1/2017

Here are some summertime images taken while traveling through rural Nebraska, Kansas and the eastern plains of Colorado. Enjoy

Recent Work-Spiderwebs

Recent Work-Spiderwebs 08/01/2017

There's somethng magical about spiderwebs. These amazing structures, so frail and fragile, are remarkable works of engineering. When viewed with backlighting on a dewy morning, they can be spectacular. Here are a few from the field behind our barn. Enjoy!

Recent Work-Middle of England

Recent Work-Middle of England 07/01/2017

Here are some images taken from just above the middle of England while  traveling across the island. The images are not in any particular order.

Recent Work-Connealy Angus Bull Sale

Recent Work-Connealy Angus Bull Sale 06/01/2016

Here’s a slice of contemporary American life from the heartland-the 48th Annual Connealy Angus Spring Bull Sale. This multi-generational family operation is dedicated to improving the genetics of the Angus breed of cattle. Their bulls are bred for hardiness, mellow disposition, great beef production and ability to pass these traits along. The bulls are raised on the rich grasses of the Nebraska Sandhills using ATV’s without use of horses or dogs. Each bull in this artificial insemination program is extensively characterized as to pedigree, phenotype and genotype which collectively provide significant progeny predictive information. More than 400 individuals from throughout the US, South America, Scotland and Canada attended the 2017 Spring sale. The 400+ yearling bulls are penned by sire group and buyers assess them up close. The top bull sold for $275,000. While I’ve attempted to provide a photographic glimpse of the sale, the images do not capture the warmth and graciousness of the Connealy family, the interest and enthusiasm of the returning and new buyers and the smoothness of the operation.

Recent Work-36 Hours in LA

Recent Work-36 Hours in LA 05/01/2017

There is some great art in LA-MOCA, LACMA and The Broad are some spots where it can be found. You'll see some interesting architecture along the way.

Recent Work-Venice Beach

Recent Work-Venice Beach 04/01/2017

Nothing like a few warm days on a broad, sandy beach. Throw in some cycling, street art and good food and you have Venice Berach in mid-March.

Recent Work-Lights

Recent Work-Lights 03/01/2017

Here are some views looking up.

Recent Work-Women's March

Recent Work-Women's March 02/01/2017

 Here are some images from the 100,000+ that gathered at  Civic Center Park in Denver, CO a day after the inauguration The people, the signs, the chants, the overheard conversations and the vibe collectively created an unique atmosphere and made for some interesting photographic opportunities.

Recent Work-Grain Storage

Recent Work-Grain Storage 01/01/2017

All across the plains,  several types of structures are used to store the harvest. I like the old wooden ones. Often delapidated, they nonetheless serve as reminders of the source of the nation's "breadbasket."

Recent Work-Thanksgiving in Nebraska

Recent Work-Thanksgiving in Nebraska 12/1/2016

Here are some images of the south central Nebraska countryside taken over the Thanksgiving holiday. Enjoy.

Recent Work-Maine

Recent Work-Maine 11/1/2016

Here are some views of Maine taken in mid-October. Enjoy.

Recent Work-NYC Summer's End

Recent Work-NYC Summer's End 10/01/2016

Usually moderate temperatures, the US Tennis Open, great food and lots of visual delights in NYC the first week or so of September. Here are some views.

Recent Work-Colorado Summer

Recent Work-Colorado Summer 09/01/2016

Not enough time to photograph Colorado's magnificent scenes when you have only a few days and are working. Here are a few "worked in" from the end of July.

Recent Work-Color

Recent Work-Color 08/01/2016

Here are a few colorful scenes found here and there.

Recent Work-US Flags

Recent Work-US Flags 07/01/2016

Here are a few views of the Stars and Sripes or variations thereof from my collection of hundreds of flag photographs taken throughout the US. Happy 4th!

Recent Work-Handbags and Purses

Recent Work-Handbags and Purses 06/01/2016

Purses are unbiquitous in New York City. It's rare to find two alike. Here are some examples

Recent Work-Olympic Peninsula

Recent Work-Olympic Peninsula 05/01/2016

If you are in the Pacific Northwest, don't fail to visit some of the beaches and forests in the Olympic National Park. Here are a few views.

Recent Work-Stairs

Recent Work-Stairs 04/01/2016

I love to walk the stairs. I'm always curious at what can be found either up or down. Here are a few sets of stairs from many sites.

Recent Work-Fire Hoses

Recent Work-Fire Hoses 03/01/2016

You would think that fire hoses in the stairwell would be a thing of the past. Not in these pre-1940 structures in New York City.

Recent Work-Winter in Yellowstone

Recent Work-Winter in Yellowstone 02/01/2016

Peace, solitude, immense beauty, abundant wildlife and cold. crisp air characterize Yellowstone in the winter. Here are a few views.

Recent Work-Off the Beaten Path

Recent Work-Off the Beaten Path 01/01/2016

Here find some  out-of-the-way places that you might not have visited. Maybe it's time for a look!

Recent Work-Tis the Season

Recent Work-Tis the Season 12/01/2015

Here are a few holiday images from several places over the past 10 years-best wishes!

Recent Work-Vegas

Recent Work-Vegas 11/01/2015

Want a few days away that is sure to take you out of your routine? Try Las Vegas. Here are some traditional views.

Recent Work-Yellowstone and Glacier

Recent Work-Yellowstone and Glacier 10/01/2015

While a few days off are always nice, unfortunately it's not always enough time for experiencing optimal conditions for excellent nature photography. Here are some images from Yellowstone and Glacier when recent forest fires in Glacier put some "haze" in the atmosphere..

Recent Work-Montana

Recent Work-Montana 09/01/2015

Big skies, grizzly bears, majestic peaks and more. Here are some lesser appreciated views of Montana's unique cities and installations.

Recent Work-Summer Snapshots of New York

Recent Work-Summer Snapshots of New York 08/01/2015

Here are a few views from the streets of Manhattan.

Recent Work-Nebraska

Recent Work-Nebraska 07/01/2015

Here are some images from rural south central Nebraska. Enjoy.

Recent Work-Eyes

Recent Work-Eyes 06/01/2015

There is no privacy anymore. Here are some "eyes" that are looking at you from the streets of Manhatten.

Recent Work-Public Art

Recent Work-Public Art 05/01/2015

Art  displayed in the public domain can be found and appreciated everywhere. Check out this handful of examples

Recent Work-Shadows

Recent Work-Shadows 04/01/2015

Sometimes, you either can't find subject matter that catches your eye or the light isn't right. When the sun shines, there are shadows. Here are some shadows, most made while walking the dog within a few blocks of home.

Recent Work-Maui

Recent Work-Maui 03/01/2015

Looking for sunshine, great beaches, whale sightings and seafood in the dead of winter? If so, head to Maui. Here are a few images.

Recent Work-Shoes

Recent Work-Shoes 02/01/2015

In New York City, unique shoes are everywhere. Not ordinary black or brown oxfords but a dazzling array of colors and styles. Here are a few of hundreds I've seen.

Recent Work-New York City, Selected Views

Recent Work-New York City, Selected Views 01/01/2015

New York City is a photographer's delight. Here are some of my favorite images form the lower half of Manhattan.

Recent Work- Fall in the Arkansas Ozarks

Recent Work- Fall in the Arkansas Ozarks 12/01/2014

For some pleasant scenery and nice people, consider spending a few days in northern Arkansas in the Fall. Here are some scenes that you may encounter.

Recent Work-Walking the Dog

Recent Work-Walking the Dog 11/01/2014

Here are some images found within a 1 mile radius of 13th and Adams in Denver, CO. All were obtained while walking a rambunctious 1.5 year old Weimaraner.

Recent Work-RiNo

Recent Work-RiNo 10/01/2014

The River North (RiNo) Arts District contains Denver's best street art. Here are a few views from alleys on the southeast side of RiNo.

Recent Work-Colfax

Recent Work-Colfax 09/01/2014

Colfax is the main east-west route through Denver. Never charming but always something intersting to see.

Recent Work-Kansas

Recent Work-Kansas 8/01/2014

I had to make an overnight car trip to Kansas. Not enough time to see what it has to offer. Here are some scenes of a Kansas summer.

Recent Work-Saturday In New York

Recent Work-Saturday In New York 07/01/2014

Busy, noisy, always something to do and see plus great food-here are some images from walking around Manhattan last Saturday afternoon and evening.

Recent Work-Paonia

Recent Work-Paonia 06/01/2014

Colorado has some unique, small mountain towns. Here's a glimpse of one of them-Paonia. Enjoy.

Recent Work-Parking Lots

Recent Work-Parking Lots 05/01/2014

I'm attracted to the variety and attempts at "adornment" of parking lots. Here are a few.

Recent Work-New Orleans

Recent Work-New Orleans 04/01/2014

Ready for great food, interesting sights and warmer temperatures-head for New Orleans!

Recent Work-Potpourri

Recent Work-Potpourri 03/01/2014

Here's a sample of some images from the archive. Enjoy.

Recent Work-National Western Stock Show

Recent Work-National Western Stock Show 02/01/2014

For some great scenes, the National Werstern Stock Show each January in Denver always delivers. Here's a sample.

Recent  Work-Cold Spell

Recent Work-Cold Spell 01/01/2014

Denver typically experiences very moderate winter temperatures. An uncharacteristic cold snap with temperatures in the double digits below zero hit for about a week in mid-December. Each freezing morning, a new pattern of frost appeared on the window of the door leading into my garage.

Recent Work-Leaves

Recent Work-Leaves 12/01/2013

Walking the dog these Fall mornings, I'm struck by the variety and beauty of leaves. Windy conditions, the dog pulling on the leash and other factors conspire to make excellent photography difficult. Here are a few of the views from the Mile High City.

Recent Work-Cemeteries

Recent Work-Cemeteries 11/01/2013

Seeing the neighborhood yards decorated for Halloween reminded me of my fascination with cemeteries, the older, the better. Here are a few views.

Recent Work-Colorado Fall

Recent Work-Colorado Fall 10/01/2013

Starting in the last week of September, some beautiful fall scenes are available throughout Colorado. Here's a sample.

Recent Work-Around Rockefeller Center

Recent Work-Around Rockefeller Center 09/01/2013

I enjoyed walking by Rockefeller Center daily for three years. Always an impressive sight!

Recent Work-The Palouse

Recent Work-The Palouse 08/01/2013

There are few places as relaxing as this slice of eastern Washignton and western Idaho. A significant per cent of the nation's wheat, peas and lentils are grown in this area. Peaceful rolling hills, winding back roads and charming small towns with great food!

Recent Work-Denver Roller Dolls

Recent Work-Denver Roller Dolls 07/01/2013

Want something different for a Saturday night? Here are some recent images of the Denver Roller Dolls in action.

Robert Anderson Gallery Opening in Denver, CO 06/07/2013

We are pleased to announce that the Robert Anderson Gallery will be opening on Wednesday, 26 June 2013. A Grand Opening reception will be held from 5-8 pm on Friday, June 28. The gallery is located at 2426 East Third Avenue (Cherry Creek North), Denver, CO 80206. The gallery will initially show the work of 10 outstanding photographers from throughout the United States and Europe. Gallery hours are from 11 am to 6 pm Wednesdays through Saturdays and by apppointment. The gallery can be contacted by phone (303-388-1332) or by email: [email protected].

Recent Work-Early Sunday Mornings

Recent Work-Early Sunday Mornings 06/01/2013

Almost every Sunday morning, I'm up early either walking the streets of lower Manhattan or cruising in central Denver. Here are 10 images taken during these excursions. Can you identify which are from either site?

Recent Work-Road Trip

Recent Work-Road Trip 05/01/2013

Moving from Manhattan to Denver afforded the opportunity for some photography. Some of the images were on "the fly"-taken from the passenger seat at 60+mph.

Recent Work-Black and white photocollage

Recent Work-Black and white photocollage 04/01/2013

Here are a handful of photocollages from images obtained in New York City from 2011-2013.

Recent Work-Isle of Mon

Recent Work-Isle of Mon 03/01/2013

Here are a few images from early mornings on the Isle of Mon. Often foggy, always very peaceful and relaxing.

Review of Robert Anderson's 01/23/2013

Street Players
Robert Anderson
Ed Barnas
Robert Anderson

The phrase “decisive moment” implies a degree of spontaneity that is often not the case. To catch a critical moment one does not merely look and snap, but rather stops and looks, taking the time to observe a space, evaluate the visual possibilities, and then, wait for all the elements to come together before releasing the shutter, sometimes multiple times.

Robert Anderson’s collection of portraits of pay-for-play “chessmen” in Union Square Park is a good example of this. On his commute through the Park, Anderson observed these players, their boards set up on makeshift tables, ready to play all comers for a small wager. Stopping along the way to or from the subway, he has photographed them since 2010, recognizing the regulars and their opponents. Twenty portraits of these players are now on view in the Robert Anderson Gallery.

Entering the back room one feels like an observer in the middle of the action. The 11 x 14 pigment prints are framed in white mats and hung in two rows. The faces are closely cropped, mostly from the chin to the forehead, and shot as horizontal images that provide only a small bit of out-of-focus background to place the subject in the context of the street. Taken while the players were in the “game,” these are not posed portraits. The faces are rich with texture and, printed in black and white, offer no clue as to what decade they might have been taken. Aside from the close horizontal cropping, what unites these images and makes them a cohesive body of work is the reflection of a chessboard in the eyes.

In several images the subject appears to look impassively at the viewer, sometimes with the slightly superior smile of a master. Generally, however, the player is not looking directly at the viewer but at the board, brows furrowed, presenting a façade of utter concentration on the game. But since they are playing on the street, they are “players” in more than one sense of the word and must allocate at least a modicum of attention to their surroundings, if only to note who is watching and who might be their next opponent.

While I don’t normally associate close-up portraits with street photography, this body of work definitely fits within that genre. And in a digital world where color is the norm, consciously suppressing color in digital media to concentrate the viewer’s eye on the essentials of the image is a welcome continuation of a tradition that works quite well here.

Recent Work-Indies

Recent Work-Indies 02/01/2013

One of the great things about New York City is the multitude of small independent stores and shops. They are disappearing quickly!

Recent Work-12 for 12

Recent Work-12 for 12 01/01/2013

Here are 12 of my personal favorites from 2012

Recent Work-Bruges and Amsterdam

Recent Work-Bruges and Amsterdam 12/01/2012

Visiting these canal cities in October can be windy and wet. Despite the weather, there are always great views to enjoy!

Recent Work-Paris in Black and White

Recent Work-Paris in Black and White 11/01/2012

Paris in the fall can be cold, grey and damp. Nonetheless, you can always find something to photograph and of course, eat!. Here are a few images  from the last week of October, 2012.

Recent Work-Black and White Abstractions

Recent Work-Black and White Abstractions 10/01/2012

Here's a selection of black and white abstractions done over the last couple of years. Enjoy

Recent Work-Leadville

Recent Work-Leadville 09/01/2012

Want a change-up from New York City? Try Leadville, CO. At 10,152 ft elevation, this old, quaint, chronically down-on-its-luck mining town is interesting. Here are a handful of images. Enjoy.

Recent Work-Union Square

Recent Work-Union Square 08/01/2012

Always "action" here. Protests, performers, speed chess, vendors of "art," sand painters, food trucks, Farmer's Market, a new generation of hippies. You name it, you can find it here. All pretty orderly and peaceful. A haven for people watchers.

Recent Work-The High Line

Recent Work-The High Line 07/01/2012

The High Line is a public park built on an abandoned elevated rail line on the west side of Manhattan. Now comprised of a beautiful walkway with lush vegetation, it is crowded during the day. Before 7am on weekend mornings, you'll have the place to yourself. Here are some views taken in-between enjoying the greenery.

Recent Work-Mannequins

Recent Work-Mannequins 06/01/2012

I walk about 6 blocks through the heart of mid-town Manhattan's commercial district several mornings a week and in SOHO about twice a month early Sunday mornings. I am continually impressed with the store windows-imaginative, often colorful, always changing. Here are some views rendered in black and white with glass reflections thrown in.

Recent Work-Easter on Fifth Avenue

Recent Work-Easter on Fifth Avenue 05/01/2012

Each year several blocks are cordoned off along Fifth Avenue for an unofficial Easter Parade. It's jammed with people and interesting sights.

Recent Work-South Carolina

Recent Work-South Carolina 04/01/2012

If you are looking for sun, temperatures in the 70's, pleasant people, great food, a gentle pace and uncrowded sandy beaches, try the low country of South Carolina in late March. Here are some images from Pawley's Island, through Charleston to Edisto Beach.

Recent Work-Signs of the Times

Recent Work-Signs of the Times 03/01/2012

You don't have to walk far in NYC to see a sign that catches your eye. New ones show up with great regularity. Here is a handful of hundreds I've seen- sanitized to remove the edgy/risque ones!

Recent Work-Chinese New Year Parade

Recent Work-Chinese New Year Parade 02/01/2012

Throngs of people, low wind chill, a long stream of unknown politicians to address the crowd and then a great spectacle. Here is a very small sample.

Recent Work-Sleeping in Manhattan

Recent Work-Sleeping in Manhattan 01/01/2012

You don't have to look very hard to find someone asleep somewhere in Manhattan, not counting the subway where everyone is either asleep or on their iPad. Here are 11   "sleepers" encountered over the past year.

Recent Work-Chessmen of Union Square

Recent Work-Chessmen of Union Square 12/01/2011

In the southwest corner of Union Square, you can almost always find  a game of blitz chess ongoing. There are a handful of Chessmen that take on all comers. Most of the Chessmen are very skillful and a few I've never seen lose. The action heats up when the Fall semester at NYU starts and a new crop of young blood comes to test their skill. These games don't last long and the balance of payments is strongly in the favor of the Chessmen.

Recent Work-Laundromats

Recent Work-Laundromats 11/01/2011

Apartment life in New York City often requires schleping your dirty stuff to a neighborhood laundromat periodically. Each has its own character and clientele. I've seen more than fifty in lower Manhattan. Here is a sample.

Recent Work-Aspen Impressionism

Recent Work-Aspen Impressionism 10/01/2011

About the last week of September each year, Colorado's immense aspen forest produces some great scenes of nature. I enjoy photographing the aspen but am always looking for a different view.This set of images are a handful of hundreds that I've made over the years by either making multile exposures of a single image or moving the camera during the exposure. I hope you enjoy them.

Recent Work-Dive Bars

Recent Work-Dive Bars 09/01/2011

Friday nights are spent trying to find the world's best dive bar. Trouble is, there's no definition and the really good ones are closed down by the health department. Photographing them is even more of a challenge-dark and no one inside wants to see a camera. Here are a few candidates.

Recent Work-Denmark

Recent Work-Denmark 08/01/2011

Denmark is a striking contrast to Manhattan. Generally slowed-paced, peaceful and quiet, neat and tidy, cool and temperate in the summer, surrounded by magnificent pastoral scenes and supported by clean, efficient and well-maintained infrastructure. Altogether, a wonderful respite from the city. I hope you enjoy the views.

Recent Work-Gay  Pride Parade

Recent Work-Gay Pride Parade 07/01/2011

New York City loves parades. They come in all flavors and frequently. Most are colorful and many attract throngs. Here's a really brief look at the recently completed Gay Pride Parade.

Recent Work-New York City Doors

Recent Work-New York City Doors 06/01/2011

A constantly changing panorama of views is the norm in New York City. Here you'll find some New York City doors.

Recent Work-Near Fifth Avenue

Recent Work-Near Fifth Avenue 05/01/2011

I walk near Fifth Avenue and 57th Street in mid-Manhattan daily. I enjoy seeing  the fruits of the labors of  what are surely some of the best window designers around.

Recent Work-Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Recent Work-Old San Juan, Puerto Rico 04/01/2011

One of the longest, coldest and highest snowfall winter seasons in New York City history made a sunny, warm weather respite essential. In five words, Old San Juan was sunny, colorful, balmy and slow-paced.  Old San Juan was narrow, cobblestoned streets, short hills, colonial architecture, ocean breezes, kites, cats, great dive bars, friendly people, massive cruise boats with ant-like streams of passengers disembarking,  plenty of history, blue-green oceans, a variety of small beaches and, sometimes, tangled automobile traffic.

Recent  Work-Accidental Art

Recent Work-Accidental Art 03/01/2011

I like to walk the neighborhoods of lower Manhattan early in the mornings. I especially like to find small "scenes" within larger pieces of street art, rusting surfaces etc. I call it accidental art. I'm not sure you will consider it in such favorable terms!

Robert Anderson Gallery opens in New York City 02/07/2011

The Robert Anderson Gallery opened  on 02/07/2011. The gallery is located at 24 West 57th Street, Suite 503, New York, NY 10019 (between 5th and 6th on 57th Street, one block west of Park Avenue). The gallery is specializing in regional and modern photography.. For more information see:

Recent Work-Black and White

Recent Work-Black and White 02/01/2011

Black and white photography has never been a particular skill of mine. I'm working on it and enjoying it more and more. Here are a handful on black and white images in forays made throughout Manhattan in the winter, 2011.

Recent Work-Last week of 2010

Recent Work-Last week of 2010 01/01/2011

Each year seems to fly by more quickly than the previous one and this year was no exception. The last week of 2010 afforded me the opportunity to do a lot of walking, much of it in snow and slush, around New York City. You will find nine diverse images from these "last of 2010 walks." I hope you find the views enjoyable.

Recent Work-Chinatown

Recent Work-Chinatown 12/01/2010

Whenever you want some sensory input, head to Chinatown. There are fabulous side streets with tiny shops, people crowded into doorways, vendors sitting on boxes, children talking excitedly, ads marketing everything imaginable. Wonderful sights, sounds and smells. I prefer it early in the morning on the weekends or late in the night. Always a pleasant experience.

Recent Work-Farmer's Markets

Recent Work-Farmer's Markets 11/01/2010

For many years, I have started each Saturday morning at a Farmer's Market, either in Denver, CO or New York City. The sights, colors, tastes, smells and freshness and variety of what is available bring me back each week. The seasonal progression of herbs, produce, fruits and other offerings is a reminder of earth's bounty and the cyclic nature of life. Here are some Farmer's Market images.

Recent Work-Catskills,  Adirondacks and Vermont

Recent Work-Catskills, Adirondacks and Vermont 10/01/2010

The last week of September and first weeks of October are when I head for the hills of the Rockies or the forests of Vermont and New York. Cool nights, usually sunny days and hundreds of shades of gold, red, yellow, amber and green cover the trees. Long hikes, peace and quiet, small towns and villages, friendly people and a feast for the eyes at every turn draw me back year after year. The images depicted in this section are from the Catskills and Adirondacks in New York and rural Vermont.

Recent Work-Photocollage

Recent Work-Photocollage 09/01/2010

One of the many appealing aspects of photography is the variety of applications. One such application is photocollage. There are multiple ways to create a photographic collage. In this series,  several  were created "in-camera" via the use of a reflecting surface which results in superimposition of multiple images. 

Recent Work-Dog Days of Summer

Recent Work-Dog Days of Summer 08/01/2010

When the temperature exceeds 90 degrees and the humidity is high, outside activities, including photography, take a rest. Enclosed find images from the last two weekends taken either early in the morning or in the evening when the temperature has moderated. The images are mostly from street-level although a few are from unique vantage points. Enjoy.

Recent Work-Street Walking in New York

Recent Work-Street Walking in New York 07/01/2010

I enjoy walking the steets and noticing things. Signs, passersby, storefronts, pets, street scenes, graffiti, street art and just about anything else catch my eye. Here is a handful of images, taken over the last few weeks while meandering the streets of New York. Certainly not "fine art" and maybe a little quirky. I hope you enjoy some different sights.

Recent Work-The NY Subway

Recent Work-The NY Subway 06/01/2010

I ride the NY subway about 20 times a week.  Some of the stations are caked with grime and  you may have to wade through ankle deep puddles to get to out when it rains. On the other hand, it's relatively inexpensive. You  come to appreciate the massive people-mover function it serves. You can also find some hidden scenes not present elsewhere-brilliant colors, snippets of art, unusual posters and signs and, of course, some "street performers." You might as well learn to enjoy playing with the cards you're dealt! Here are a few subway scenes from across NY.

Recent Work-South Central Texas Spring

Recent Work-South Central Texas Spring 05/01/2010

One of the most pleasant aspects of traveling the back roads in search of a good image is the "unexpecteds" you encounter. I have made many visits to the Hillcountry of Texas during the the first two weeks of April over the past 20 years. I always enjoy myself and am enriched  not only by some timeless scenes, but also by the friendliness of the people and the unique culture. You'll find some sights from my most recent Texas trip  in my "New Work" gallery. I hope you enjoy the views and come away with a sense of place for this unique area.

Recent Work-The Vanishing Landscape of the High Plains

Recent Work-The Vanishing Landscape of the High Plains 04/01/2010

 The 20 or so images in this gallery are drawn from many that I have taken during several visits to  the high plains over the past five years. The high plains represent a large geographic area  including parts of eastern Colorado, southeastern Wyoming, western Nebraska and Kansas and northeastern New Mexico. These high and dry short grass prairie plains are punctuated with abundant, low-lying cactus and scrub brush. A few trees can be found near creeks and rivers. The population density  is among the lowest in the United States. This is the land of extreme temperature variations, constant wind, dust, hailstorms, tornados, and ground blizzards. Dryland farming, ranching and some oil/gas industry are the main draws. The small towns on the plains are progressively disappearing.  I have tried to capture  a sense of what was and what is left in this lonely, slowly vanishing landscape.

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