New Work: NY Subway

I ride the NY subway about 20 times a week. Oftentimes it's crowded, late, prone to sudden accelerations and shuddering stops and, just when you are in a big hurry, it will inexplicably and unexpectedly skip stops. Some of the stations are caked with grime and dirt. Very large and sweaty people plop down next to you and you may have to wade through ankle deep puddles to get to out when it rains. On the other hand, it's relatively inexpensive. You learn to make your travel time productive and come to appreciate the massive people-mover function it serves.  You can also find some hidden scenes not present elsewhere-brilliant colors, snippets of art, unusual posters and signs and, of course, some "street performers." You might as well learn to enjoy playing with the cards you're dealt! Here are a few subway scenes from across NY. I hope you enjoy the views.

A Saturday on 110th Street
Prodigy on the Keyboard
Passing Through
Life Underground
Platform Diving